How about some cops to go with the Tasers?

Uniformless police chief Harold Hurtt has been a vocal proponent of equipping Houston police officers with Tasers in an effort to decrease the use of deadly force.

Tom Bazan alerts us to this item on City Council's weekly agenda:

15. ORDINANCE authorizing issuance of City of Houston, Texas Tax Notes, Series 2004C; prescribing the terms and form thereof; providing for the payment of the principal thereof and interest thereon; authorizing the Mayor and City Controller to accept and execute the winning bid for the Notes, approve the amounts, interest rates, prices and terms of such Notes and certain other matters related thereto; ratifying the use of a Preliminary Official Statement and Official Notice of Sale and authorizing the preparation and distribution of an Official Statement to be used in connection with the sale of the Notes; making other provisions regarding such Notes and matters incident thereto; authorizing execution and delivery of a Paying Agent/Registrar Agreement, a Co-Bond Counsel Agreement and Special Disclosure Co-Counsel Agreement; and declaring an emergency


b. ORDINANCE approving and authorizing contract between the City of Houston and TASER INTERNATIONAL, INC and GT DISTRIBUTORS, INC for Taser Devices and Associated Equipment for Houston Police Department; providing a maximum contract amount - 5 Years - $4,679,855.55

Nothing against $5 million worth of Tasers, but wouldn't that money be better spent trying to solve HPD's manpower issues?

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