Sporting News: Houston is a world-class sports city

A new survey by The Sporting News ranks Houston as the No. 6 sports city in North America:

Houston comes in at No. 6 among the best North American sports cities behind Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles-Anaheim. Rounding out the top 10 behind Houston were Baltimore-Washington at No. 7, Dallas-Fort Worth at No. 8, Atlanta at No. 9, and New York-New Jersey at No. 10.

To be included in the rankings, a city must have at least an NCAA Division I basketball team or a minor-league baseball team, or it must score in certain other ranking categories, such as hosting a training camp for a major-league team or hosting a PGA Tour tournament.

Once a city meets the minimum criteria, The Sporting News takes a 12-month snapshot of its sports atmosphere, putting emphasis on such factors as regular-season records, playoff berths, bowl appearances, tournament bids, championships, overall fan fervor and fan knowledge.

It's fun to have as many college and major professional sports teams as Houston does, but do readers really think of Houston as one of THE top sports cities in the country, based on the criteria in the final paragraph?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. We'd especially like to hear from any transplants who moved here from other large cities with a good sports scene.

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