Chron: METRO's never unreasonable!

The Chronicle runs an editorial with the following headline today:

Metro's willingness to route the track around Afton Oaks is a reasonable compromise

Can anyone recall the last time the Chronicle editorial board deemed any METRO action or position unreasonable?

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that minorities who provided the winning margin for METRO Solutions aren't getting exactly what they were promised (something that we've commented on before and Tom Kirkendall touched on yesterday). The response of the Chronicle editorialists to them?

Frank Wilson needs to convince them that A is not A:

Some black and Hispanic leaders remain distrustful of Metro's motives after its decision to postpone light rail service in the north and east corridors. Wilson must be careful not to give the impression he is providing preferential treatment to an affluent, mostly Anglo neighborhood. He must work equally hard to allay the fears of residents and business owners in the heavily minority East End.

Another paragraph of the editorial hints that federal ridership requirements have driven changes to METRO Solutions. As if on cue, METRO posted the following in a press release today (even though it's dated July 29):

For special recognition, Wilson credited Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Representative John Culberson. Majority Leader DeLay secured the $324 million credit for the Main Street line and demonstrated overall leadership in shepherding the bill to conclusion. Representative Culberson provided significant assistance to insert language on key provisions in the bill, in addition to his important work on the Transportation Appropriations Committee. METRO looks forward to his continued support in the appropriations process that will be critical to further advancing METRO Solutions.

And if minorities actually criticize Mayor White and METRO for cuts (not increases) in bus service and a rerouted Galleria Development Light-Rail Boondoggle), we are pretty sure Messrs. Wilson and White will be sure to deflect that criticism on to Rep. Culberson.

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