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Mayor's bike ride turns into crimefighting mission -- KTRK-13

During a holiday weekend, all government offices are closed and you don't expect our elected officials to do much more than appear at parades and other 4th of July events. But Mayor Bill White spent his Sunday fighting crime.

Mayor Bill White
Mayor White has talked tough about illegal dumping before, but not quite like this. On Sunday, the mayor was joined by a council member, a state senator, and several other people for a bike ride through several Houston neighborhoods. They ended up throwing two guys behind bars.

"Around 9:15 yesterday, we're rolling through Independent Hights. Some gentlemen appeared to be illegal dumping," said Assistant HPD Chief Brian Lumpkin.

It was near a boarded up house on Bombay Street that the mayor and his fellow cyclists made the stop.

"I saw them on a side street and I made a beeline on a bicycle," said Mayor White. "I told them 'What do you think you're doing?'"

When the mayor saw the two men and confronted them, they made up a number of excuses until backup officers arrived. They were sent to jail and charged with felony dumping.

"The guy picks the worst day in the world to go dumping," said Mayor White's Deputy Chief of Staff Terence Fontaine. "He was dumping in front of a city council member, a state senator, and the mayor of the city."

I'm wondering who the others were (city councilmember and state senator) with the mayor.

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