HPD doesn't appreciate red light camera entrepreneurship

So, a company makes a spray on product that can thwart a red light camera...and HPD is whining:

Houston Police Department Lt. Robert Manzo said the city may want to consider an ordinance or a state law against PhotoBlocker.

"So people are already gearing up to defeat the system, huh?" Manzo asked. "We're not happy to hear this product is available and already being marketed to Houston before the cameras are even installed. This is obviously going to be a concern, and it may be something we have to address with the Legislature."

Well, of COURSE people will try to defeat the system -- it's human nature! And HPD now wants to run to the Legislature (which just refused to ban the cameras) to get a ban on anything that might defeat Houston's money-grab.

Then there's this at the end of the story:

The images then would be wired to the city's vendor for owner identification. The city also is considering giving the vendor a cut of the revenue and setting up decoy cameras as deterrents in some areas.

Giving the vendor a cut of the revenue is a bad idea. Just think of the shenanigans that could ensue. Oh wait:

"It's going to be ugly. There's a lot of money involved," said Rice University political scientist Bob Stein, whose wife works as the mayor's agenda director.

"The mayor will be watching carefully to ensure that the contracts are handled properly and that there are no shenanigans."

Mayor White, also known as the Father of Houston, will save Houston from any shenanigans.

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