Mayor White orders investigation into HPD's handling of Halliburton protest

Those oh-so-peaceful Halliburton protesters have convinced Mayor White to ask for an investigation into the possibility that police were a bit rough last week:

What started as a noisy protest outside a shareholders meeting quickly erupted into a confrontation.

Police later said they were trying to clear a sidewalk and a driveway blocked by protesters demonstrating against Halliburton. But protesters complained the cops went out of control.

"But there were some mad cowboys and they were there that day," said one of the demonstrators who spoke to the council Tuesday. "I personally am not going to criticize our officers."

And so they came to City Hall, some to show their bruises.

"He looked me in the eye and then struck me across the face, across the mouth and nose. And then, and then I was just kind of reeling and he hit me across the chest," said another protester, Nicole Matthews.

The heart bleeds. I wouldn't be surprised if the Official Halliburton Protest Manual instructs participants to besiege the next City Council meeting with cries of police brutality, while demanding an investigation.

Here is KHOU-11's original story that includes the video feeds of police confronting protesters.

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