DeLay and supporters take on critics

The Chronicle's Gebe Martinez reports on a memo initially sent by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R) to supporters and other constituents.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
The House Majority Leader's campaign website posts the substance of the memo, Fact vs. Fiction, and the Chronicle website reproduces the introductory email.

Since we like to see a bit of balance in news and editorials, here are some recent perspectives on the House Majority Leader that seem unlikely to make an appearance on the pages of the city's only newspaper:

Rove Backs Up DeLay, Calls Critics "Desperate" (Bill Sammon, Washington Times)

Delay, Red Statesman (Jeffrey Bell, Weekly Standard)

Innuendo vs. Evidence (David Limbaugh, Washington Times)

Exterminator: The Snobby Sneer Against Tom DeLay (Rich Lowry, NRO)

Liberal Media Target Tom DeLay Because He's An Effective Leader (Bob Livingston, Human Events)

Mountainous Presumption (R. Emmett Tyrrell, American Spectator)

Keep DeLay, Or Pay The Price (Tony Blankley, TownHall/Washington Times)

UPDATE: Chris Elam found this one -- DeLay Explains Why He Hired Family Members (Sheshadri Kumar, Fort Bend/Southwest Sun)

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