Pot, Kettle....

Over on the increasingly unreadable Houston Press Hair Balls blog, Rich Connelly departs from his usual KTRH-beat duties to criticize.... the Waco Tribune?

Yes, the dreck he is criticizing is truly dreck.

But given the amount of amateur and semi-professional dreck that regularly appears on the Hair Balls blog*, are they really in any position to offer up credible media criticism of anyone?

It's hard to take it all that seriously, especially given recent Press journalistic misadventures involving Connelly and his wife.

Then again, it's not about being taken seriously at Hair Balls these days. The edict from Village Voice, we hear, is just to crank out the content in an effort to generate pageviews. Indeed, it's not all that different from the Chron.commons approach. Very corporate. Not very alt. And honestly, not very compelling.

UPDATE: Banjo Jones notes that there is some credible media criticism taking place in town.

* Don't just take our word for it. The Houston Press blogger of the year frequently calls the Hair Balls content unreadable.

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