Congratulations, Chief Hurtt!

KHOU-11 reports that police chief Harold Hurtt has finally fulfilled the requirements necessary to wear the HPD uniform:

After almost a year on the job, Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt will finally be able to put on his uniform.

Until now he has had to wear business suits in public.

The reason for the change is that Hurtt took, and passed his state certification exam a couple weeks ago, which finally giving him official police authority.

It's not clear why the police chief took so long to gain his certification, especially given how quickly he was able to move on matters like Tasers and red-light cameras.

Whatever the case, we suspect that the HPD rank and file are pleased that their chief can finally don the uniform they wear every day. And so are we.

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 02/18/05 12:20 PM | Print |

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