Chron's Stiles scores interview with Sheriff Tommy Thomas (updated)

Yesterday, the Chronicle's Matt Stiles reported on his extended interview with Harris County Sherrif Tommy Thomas.

Stiles followed up with additional material on the Chron's Houston Politics blog, and is considering ways to make more of the interview available.

Thomas has been in the news a great deal lately, for all sorts of alleged scandals. Until now, the sheriff has taken Clarence Bradford's approach to tough questions (avoid them at all costs!), which should be an untenable stance for someone who wants an important public office and certainly is an untenable stance for someone who already holds an important public office. Ducking tough questions about real issues only gives the appearance that there is something to hide.

Sheriff Thomas claims all of the negativity is "pure politics." Maybe so. But the last time we checked, Thomas held an elected (political!) office. Politics is to be expected.

If Sheriff Thomas intends to hold on to his elected political office, then the Stiles interview needs to be the start of many more interviews in which the sheriff tries to convince the public he deserves to keep his job -- if he really wants to keep it. Because we doubt that one interview is going to do the trick.

UPDATE: Given Wayne Dolcefino's latest reporting on the emails Sheriff Thomas tried to avoid giving up, we're even more convinced that Sheriff Thomas' damage-control interviews are far from over.

UPDATE (06/27/08): More Dolcefino stories here and here.

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