KTRK's Lawson checks in with Priscilla Slade Rehabilitation project

Not even a month since disgraced former TSU president Priscilla Slade copped a plea to avoid prison, her rehabilitation is officially in full swing, beginning with an "exclusive" softball interview with KTRK-13's Melanie Lawson. The text is not available online, but here is the video.

Priscilla Slade
Slade begins by emphasizing that (like Nixon!), she is not a criminal. To quote Slade,

It is not that we were admitting that any criminal acts had taken place.

Rather, she wishes she had communicated better with the regents, because (as she puts it) everything she did was in the interest of Texas Southern University.

Strangely, the "exclusive" interview with Slade also includes a snippet from Slade's attorney blasting Chuck Rosenthal. (It is bizarre that supporters of white-collar criminals like Slade and Jay Aiyer somehow want to blame Chuck Rosenthal and portray these criminals as victims).

However, Slade herself says she forgives Rosenthal. And she hopes to get back into the corporate world or the academic world!

Maybe Slade can even show KTRK-13's "exclusive" uncritical interview to potential employers (and hope they don't deploy the research services of Google.com).

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