Closing 2004 with rail boosting and criminal rights

Yesterday's editorial page featured two fun house editorials.

The first was a celebration of light rail's first year in Houston, and praise for Metro in reducing accidents along the line. One expects no less from the pro-rail newspaper, although it's in character that the newspaper didn't bother even to print the most recent accident on its pages. Out of sight, out of mind?

The second editorial condemned certain parole provisions being enforced in Harris County, and is the latest example of the newspaper endorsing the "rights" of criminals over the rights of the public. Owen Courreges dismissed the "rights" argument fairly easily:

Parole is a privilege, and thus it is only right that the government place conditions on it in light of threats to public safety. And having drunk driving parolees on the streets tonight is more than society can bear in good conscience....

Certainly, the Chronicle can take whatever position it would like on its editorial pages. But these editorials -- and others we've pointed out recently -- are much weaker than a newspaper with the Chronicle's resources should be putting out regularly. In some cases, they're just erroneous.

We'll be following with some suggestions later as to how the newspaper might start to improve this mediocre editorial product in 2005.

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