Senator arrested?

KHOU-11 reports that a man was arrested for tossing an egg at City Council today:

The Houston City Council meeting was anything but routine Wednesday, after an egg was thrown over Mayor Bill White’s head.

It hit the wall.

The incident occured during discussion of the proposed airport shuttle contract.

We don't much like the shameful shuttle deal either, but we don't condone tossing eggs at Yellow Cab's lackeys on Council.

From KHOU's report, it looks like the arrested party was none other than Senator Robert Horton, whose public comments we've been recording and posting to YouTube of late. This one ought to be a great additon to YouTube if the Muni channel shows it.

Sen. Horton has had previous egg incidents during the Council sessions.

Sensible leaders would ban such individuals from council chambers after repeated criminal acts, but our elected officials seem to fear a lawsuit. It's more of the soft-on-crime attitude that just seems to radiate from downtown these days.

UPDATE (09-14-2006): Matt Stiles and Alexis Grant cover the story for the Chronicle.

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