blogHOUSTON gathering Wednesday, May 17 (POSTPONED)

The blogHOUSTON crew is planning a get-together next Wednesday (May 17) at Byzantio on West Gray.

We'll get started about 4:30 pm or so, and go well into the evening.

Byzantio does have free wireless internet, along with various Greek appetizers, a nice Greek salad, and Ouzo for those who can stomach it. For the rest of us, there's a full bar as well as coffee and espresso-based beverages.

If you're a reader or commenter or blogger or podcaster or journalist who never reads blogs like this one (we won't tell!) or someone who just wants to hang out at a great Greek bar (update: with a nice patio), please feel free to drop by.

Opa! :)

UPDATE: We've had to postpone this event. We'll try to reschedule soon!

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