Mayor announces Centerpoint weatherizing program

KHOU-11's Carolyn Campbell reports on a new pilot program announced by Mayor White today:

He has also introduced an energy-efficient pilot program to save homeowners like Wilma Jones money.

Not too much can slow Wilma Jones down, even at age 90.

"I keeps busy. I keep moving," she said.

But her energy bills, especially in the summer, do give her pause.

"It have went up to $300 and something, but, thanks to the good Lord, I paid it," said Jones.

Ms. Jones is the kind of person Mayor Bill White wants to help cut down on her energy cost, so her Pleasantville neighborhood is going to be the site of a pilot program to weatherize homes to reduce energy use.

"We're gonna go in and anybody that wants their home weatherized, we're gonna do it. And we're gonna do it by the summer and we expect with that, it's gonna decrease the energy bills and consumption by the community by at least 10 percent," said Mayor White.

Ms. Jones said she makes some tough choices sometimes to make sure she pays her energy bills, and that she has already agreed to take part in the new pilot program.

"Hope it saves me something because it's pretty ruough when it's nobody but you. Yes it is," she said.

Mayor White said CenterPoint Energy is footing the bill.

If it's successful, the program will be expanded to other neighborhoods.

One question that seems important goes unanswered -- what exactly will be the benchmark for success? 10 percent reduction in energy bills?

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