They are killing trees to print these editorials (cont'd)

The blogs are must-reads. The Chronicle's news pages are everywhere, covering the news that should be covered. The Chronicle's editorials...well, some things don't change.

After an incredible week that has seen Houston do the most amazing things, you'd think the editorialists who sit in their comfy offices would have a kind word for one particular Houston entity -- HISD.

I thought so. I expected -- finally -- an editorial that would give HISD credit for an outreach of effort and creative-thinking that is making things happen for Katrina evacuees. I really did.

I was wrong.

Last week HISD opened its doors, hearts and resources to school-aged evacuees, launched a district-wide fundraising drive, offered technical support and help to New Orleans school officials, and district employees volunteered their time to drive 142 buses to New Orleans to assist with evacuation efforts.

And after all that, the Chronicle decides to beat up HISD for not having an all-summer-long lunch program.


Texas school administrators have a saying: Summer starts in December. That's the month when schools start setting up their summer programs. The Houston Independent School System, Galena Park and other districts should act now to fix an inexcusable lapse in their duty.

The only inexcusable lapse I can see is Jeff Cohen continuing to allow the dumbasses in the Chronicle's editorial board room to write this crap.

We've been down this road before with the Chronicle on this topic. I said back then and I'll say it again -- if the Chronicle feels this is an issue that is not being adequately addressed, perhaps the editorial idealists should emerge from their air-conditioned offices and spearhead an effort to make summer lunch programs last all summer. There comes a point when school districts have to focus on the beginning of the school year, and that's when private enterprises should step in, if a need is not being addressed. And for God's sake, when will the Chronicle call on parents TO FEED THEIR OWN CHILDREN?!

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