They are killing trees to print these editorials

The Chronicle's editorial board recently gave the President and Mrs. Bush a little advice on how to show some Texas hospitality to the Cindy Sheehan anti-war protesters who are just down the road in Crawford.


And not only that, but the editorial writer shows a total lack of class and respect:

Now that the gathering of antiwar protesters will be just a stone's throw from the president's ranch, perhaps he and Laura should engage in another act of traditional Texas hospitality by dropping in unannounced on their new, though temporary, neighbors with a housewarming gift and a desire to make their acquaintance.

Laura? Is that how the First Lady should be addressed? Mrs. Bush or the First Lady would have been more appropriate, but then again, we don't quite understand the Chronicle's ideal state.

Posted by Anne Linehan @ 08/21/05 10:11 PM | Print |

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