Tom Kirkendall solves the city's golf course problem

Yesterday the Chronicle ran a Matt Stiles story on Houston's municipal golf system. Tom Kirkendall has some more thoughts on the city being in the golf course business, and a great idea on how the city can get out from under the red ink:

Here is a "thinking outside the box" suggestion for the Houston City Council on the golf course operation. Other than Memorial Park and Hermann Park golf courses, sell the remainder of the golf courses, including a sale or donation of the Gus Wortham Course to the University of Houston, which could then invest the funds necessary to renovate that tract into a potentially fine university course close to the University's Central Campus. With a portion of the funds generated from the sale of the courses, the City could then fund an endowment to be administered by the Houston Golf Association to promote golf to underprivileged children and citizens of Houston.

Someone please forward this idea to Mayor White!

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