Minutemen generate Houston hysteria

I started reading this Chronicle story about the upcoming Apocalypse, otherwise known as the Minutemen-are-coming-to-town, and I could barely get past the second paragraph I was laughing so hard:

"The city of Houston is a very diverse city," said Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt. "There is a great deal of harmony here, and we are not going to stand by and let some outside agency or organization come in and disrupt that harmony. We will do whatever is necessary to keep the peace in the city of Houston."

Harmony! Diversity! Peace! When will Chris Baker come back from vacation?

And it continues:

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who organized today's meeting of law enforcement officials, said she is concerned that the Minutemen's plans to expand their activities to a diverse city like Houston could become confrontational.

"I will say, as a member of Congress, I do not claim the Minutemen are criminals," said Jackson Lee, D-Houston. "I do claim they are acting in an unauthorized way and may be characterized even as militia. When that occurs in a population, what you have is a mixture of confrontation that makes the jobs of these law enforcement indivudals more difficult."

More diversity!

There's no word in this story if Rep. Jackson Lee began reminiscing about her childhood years in Queens, NY, where she dreamed of a diverse and confrontation-free Houston.

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