Chron runs first of multi-part olds from Casey

Rick Casey uses the recent BP explosion to take a trip down memory lane, recounting a tale of OSHA violations by a Houston company headed by Erik K. Ho in the 1990s.

Casey contends that his storytelling will somehow shed light on how OSHA might react to the BP accident, despite very different facts.

Mostly, the column reads like a regurgitation of old material. Maybe Casey's been saving it from his San Antonio days. Maybe he's not been reading Kuffner's blog lately and didn't have anything else to write about. Even worse, it's a two-parter, as Casey bills next Wednesday's column as the conclusion to what he seems to think is an exciting tale.

At blogHOUSTON, we may not have Rick Casey's research staff, but we do have our friends at Google who can help us out from time to time. And instead of waiting for some noxious dinosaur lefty columnist's spin on a case completely unrelated to the BP explosion, we thought readers might well be more interested in seeing some of the facts of the old OSHA matter itself, as well as two competing perspectives on the matter.

We're still not quite sure that it has much of anything to do with the BP explosion, but it probably won't take me too far into fantasyland to predict that HCDP favorite Rick Casey will find some way to blast OSHA and the Bush Administration in his Wednesday column, and that it still won't have much to do with the BP explosion.

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