Lambert: Park and Rides just need technology -- where do we get some? (updated!)

I was going to add yet another update to the Metro Park and Pillage post, but this KHOU-11 story is too incredible for an update:

In January Metro pulled contract security workers from all 26 Park and Rides. At the time it said safety would not suffer, but the numbers are dramatic as seen in the crime reports for all Park and Rides for the first three months of the year.

There were 27 crimes reported in 2001, 48 in 2002, 63 in 2003 and 44 in 2004. With vacant security shacks, the number for 2005 jumped to 90 before 15 reports were filed Wednesday from the Addicks location.

Metro Chief Tom Lambert
"We said then and we will still say now that we will redeploy our resources based upon situations that take place. We clearly learned a lesson yesterday," said Chief Tom Lambert, Metro Police.

Does Metro really want a police chief who is learning as he's going along?

Crime Stoppers will be adding signage to all lots, hoping that will help as a deterrent.

"The chances of someone turning you in just got a whole lot better," said Kim Ogg, Crime Stoppers.

Yeah, some signs will be very helpful, no doubt.

And for a strong close:

Metro is assigning 15 officers to a Park and Ride task force working to improve security. The officers will focus on trouble spots and work at all hours, but Metro will not be going back to private security.

"We believe that in the longer term technology is the right approach to take," Chief Lambert said.

Right now Metro doesn't have much technology. There are security cameras at two Park and Ride locations, one of which happens to be the Addicks location, but the cameras there don't work.

Metro is currently researching other possibilities to up their technology to help stop these problems.

Maybe Metro officials could have worked on this research BEFORE they got rid of all the security guards? Just a thought.

And now, after today's many jaw-dropping moments, Metro would be well-advised to get Lambert away from the cameras and microphones.

UPDATE (4-22-2005): Laurence Simon offers Metro an example of his ability to catch thieves on camera. Someone please call Chief Lambert -- I think we have found the technology Metro's seeking!

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