Disgraced METRO CEO Greanias's porn hobby costs taxpayers $14k+ (so far)

Greanias porn-viewing suspension costs taxpayers another legal tab - Michael Reed, YourHoustonNews.com

Outside legal bills resulting from researching possible disciplinary actions against [METRO CEO] Greanias, along with related matters such as studying case law concerning the Open Records requests that would likely follow, cost $14,560, according to Metro.

Letting Greanias around children may not be the best idea
Documentation for legal work, done between July 17 and July 31 by the firm of Andrews Kurth LLP, listed a total of 20 items – 17 of which were related, at least in part, to the fallout from the pornography-viewing incidents.

Greanias was suspended July 28, which means all but three of the legal tabs took place prior to the board’s decision to suspend him. The last three pertinent entries are for preparation for the July 28 board meeting and “review of potential statutory consideration (civil and criminal) as requested.”


The pornography suspension-related tabs cost taxpayers between $595 an hour and $170 an hour. The bulk of the total went to Andrews Kurth partner Gene Locke, who is also Metro’s special counsel.

The minute METRO's officials (quite likely in consultation with Mayor Annise Parker) decided not to refer disgraced CEO George Greanias's apparent gay-child-porn viewing activities to proper legal authorities for investigation, it was clear that the fix was in. But it was nice of them to throw some "business" Gene Locke's way in the name of "due diligence."

A more just outcome would have involved calling in proper legal authorities to investigate Greanias's apparent affinity for gay-child-porn sites, instructing Mr. Locke to draw up termination papers (for less than $14,000!), and telling the disgraced METRO CEO to take a hike.

Photo of George Greanias via METRO website.

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