METRO Playwright-in-chief Greanias suspended for accessing porn at work


METRO President & CEO George Greanias has been suspended for one week, without pay, effective immediately. This disciplinary action followed a METRO investigation that concluded Mr. Greanias violated company guidelines on the use of electronic communications.

METRO’s investigation revealed that while on his personal computer, Mr. Greanias accessed more than one dozen adult oriented sites of a sexual nature through the METRO Internet System. The access violations occurred on 14 days from February 9, 2011 to July 1, 2011.

Well, there's a titillating new item for Mike Snyder to add to the next biographical puff piece on METRO's playwright-in-chief!

UPDATE: Hair Balls posts a list of websites that Greanias was visiting. It leaves us feeling a little embarrassed for the man. But it was a highly inappropriate use of work resources, to be sure, and might well have resulted in termination elsewhere.

UPDATE 2: Two of the sites with "boy" in the name feature what appear to be adolescent males engaged in gay sex acts on their front pages. If these sites were indeed visited by Mr. Greanias, as reported, then he owes the public a good explanation. If he has no good explanation for visiting what appear to be child-porn sites using METRO computer resources, he should be terminated.

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