All of that was predictable and lame. Can we get back to important issues now?

THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE TODAY reported that some local social conservatives may make a big deal* about Annise Parker's sexuality. Rumors have swirled for a while that Gene Locke is courting the support of those same social conservatives. The next "story" will be**, of course, that Gene Locke has disavowed the divisive tactics. That way, Gene Locke gets the benefit (if any exists) of the negative attacks, AND gets the benefit (if any exists) of criticizing them. That's so nifty that it may have been the brainchild of an expensive political consultant!

During her 12 years of public service, Annise Parker has not pursued a "radical gay agenda" (whatever that is), and her campaign this time around has given no indication that it's suddenly become a priority for her. To her credit, however, Annise Parker has always been forthright about her domestic situation, including the release of her and her partner's tax returns earlier this week to Texas Watchdog (apparently the only media outlet to ask for and get them, which does not reflect well on other news outlets in town). Annise Parker has not tried to hide who she is over her political career.

In contrast, Gene Locke would seem to have numerous Houston Way connections that are hardly transparent, and unlike Parker he has thus far refused to release his tax returns or even return phone calls about them. Maybe THAT is a story for local media to pursue (instead of of getting played by Gene Locke, fringe social conservatives, and their slimy attack politics) -- because so far, only a nonprofit news startup has shown much interest in that story. Gene Locke's potential conflicts of interest and ties to various powerbrokers are hardly trivial matters for the unknown who would be mayor!

* Or at least as big a deal as a fringe minority in Houston can make.
** Seriously, how predictable was that? And yet, it works in this town.

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