Not good news if you work at the Chronicle

It shouldn't come as any surprise that newspapers keep going down that spiral. Following a link from Drudge Report you find this story about the top 25 newspaper circulation numbers.

The Houston Chronicle was down almost 14% of daily circulation to 425,138. Sunday fell 7.8% to 583,364 copies.

This number reflects circulation numbers during a six-month period ending March 31, 2009.

Ouch! For the top 25 list go here.

KEVIN WHITED ADDS: And yet, some member of Chron management decided that a laughable exorcism of blogHOUSTON from all blogrolls should be a priority for the newspaper (and not, say, the precipitous decline in customers).

I feel bad for the poor Chron journalist who has the duty of getting Jack Sweeney's spin on this latest decline. Maybe they will just label it as "Houston Chronicle News Services." Or more honestly, just run a straight press release.

BLOGVERSATION: Lose an Eye, It's a Sport.

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