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Was the new Chron city desk editor enjoying the morning TV news with his Froot Loops again today?

It sure seems like it from this brief report that was posted on this morning:

Several vehicles were vandalized at a parking of a Montrose club overnight, according to televised reports this morning.

Windows were smashed and tires were slashed at EJ's, located on Ralph and Westheimer.

Police are investigating the crime.

Hmm, if Houston's Leading Information Source pilfers its news from the television, is it really Houston's Leading Information Source?

Anyway, online readers of the Chronicle missed the important details found in this KPRC-2 reporting:

Dozens of patrons of a gay club found their vehicles vandalized in a parking lot Tuesday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

The vehicles were parked behind EJ's in the 2500 block of Ralph Street near Westheimer Road at about 2:20 a.m.

Customers said about 28 vehicles were damaged. Some of the vehicles' tires were slashed and some had smashed windows or windshields.

"I have two flat tires and a damaged windshield," victim Andre Wagner said.

Some of the men said they believe they were the victims of a hate crime.

"I really honestly do think this was a hate crime and that people are tired of the gays parking on their lot," victim Ronnie Siebert said. "It's really sad what has happened here tonight."

There's nothing like getting scooped by Channel 2 on basic local reporting.

UPDATE: There's more! Here's another recent report cribbed from local TV news reporting:

A man was shot in the face during a carjacking attempt in Houston early this morning, according to televised reports.

And another:

A pickup driver who fled an accident was killed after he and his passenger tried to run across Interstate 610 Sunday night, according to televised reports this morning.

That Chron city desk sure has things covered! Readers should probably hope that their cable TV subscription doesn't get cut, though.

UPDATE (01-10-2007): And another this morning:

A man was shot Tuesday night after he tried to stop two men from stealing a woman's purse in north Houston, according to televised reports this morning.

Does the Chronicle city desk even bother to check with HPD in the mornings, or do they just watch the television news and write up what they see?

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