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We keep hoping that one day the Chronicle will wake up and get a real blog, instead of this, whatever it is. And, in fact, reading Lucas Wall earlier this week, one gets the feeling he was interviewing for a traffic blog:

I'm on vacation this week. And for the first time all year, I've decided to stay put on my days off rather than make a planned trip to Big Bend National Park.

After some 16 out-of-town trips so far this year for work and pleasure (I'm starting to lose count), my weary body decided it was time to enjoy being here for a week.

Wow. Sounds rough.

You know, this is exactly the kind of information I look for when I read the Chronicle's traffic column. I want to know how Lucas Wall is spending his vacation, if he's going to make it to Big Bend this year, and if he is weary from all his travels.

Apparently that Chronicle belt-tightening didn't affect Wall's travel schedule, as evidenced by his recent trip to Scandinavia to give us a report on 20th-century public transportation.

Can't wait for the traffic blog.

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