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#1 2012-03-02 19:25:43

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Mayor ready to settle Ashby high rise lawsuit

KTRK-13 reports that Southampton residents are getting letters from Mayor Parker explaining that the city will settle with the developers of the Ashby high-rise, allowing the mixed use development to go forward:

In the letter, the mayor says unfortunately the city has no legal basis to stop developers from building the Ashby High Rise. The letter reads "I am accepting the advice of city legal counsel and recommending the settlement of the lawsuit."

The terms of the settlement are outlined in that letter. They include the city permitting a 21-story high rise. consisting of 228 residential units and about 10,000 square feet of restaurant space and four town homes.

It's a victory for the walkable/sustainable city folks!

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#2 2012-03-03 07:21:02

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Re: Mayor ready to settle Ashby high rise lawsuit

City hall fights desification inside the loop, pimps densification in the area between 610 and beltway.  Psycho freaks determined to micromanage development with land use restrictions on one hand and taxpayer participation on the other.  H-town does have zoning, we just don't call it that.

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#3 2012-03-04 16:16:34

Neal Meyer
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Re: Mayor ready to settle Ashby high rise lawsuit

It's a victory for the walkable/sustainable city folks!

Anne, no it isn't! It isn't because it isn't exactly the right kind of walkable sustainable development!

You gotta get into the heads of the statists. Not only do they want to keep passing laws and regulations, but it's not enough for them simply to get regulations passed. Then they have to start getting picky, and it's amazing how picky they can get.


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It's one thing to read or listen to what people say they want. It is far more important however to watch what people actually do. That is when you can make a judgment as to what it is that people really value and what is genuinely important to them.


#4 2012-03-06 21:02:09

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Re: Mayor ready to settle Ashby high rise lawsuit

correct neal. there's nothing walkable there except the Raven Grille, and there won't be in any of our lifetimes. it's unlikely this 1 building will turn that particular neighborhood toward more dense residential development.

this is just building a highrise in the middle of an old 1 and 2 story neighborhood, good for the developer, not so good for the nearby homeowners.


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