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Safety is no accident

METRO posted a curious press release on their website yesterday:

METRO Breaks Own Safety Record Third Year In A Row
Oct. 19, 2004

For the third year in a row, METRO has set a new record for safety, posting its lowest number of accidents ever per 100,000 revenue miles.

During FY 2004, the Transit Authority logged .83 accidents per 100,000 miles, down from record years of .89 in FY 2003 and .99 in FY 2002.

The new figures represent a 33% decrease in METRO's accident rate since 2000.

"Safety is no accident at METRO," said President & CEO Frank J. Wilson. "All of our employees go to work each day with safety as their number one priority. We are dedicated to being the safest system in the country.

The buses must be running much more safely this year, given the frequent MetroRail crashes. Or maybe there's some convoluted reason light rail crashes don't count that Lucas Wall can explain to us.

(Update) Now we get it. We've not heard any reports of Metro buses <i>killing</i> anybody this year. So by that standard alone, it's been a safer year.

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