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#1 2008-01-14 15:09:51

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Frank "Procurement Disaster" Wilson will chat online Tuesday*

File this under "Short Notice" (see update below):

Got a question for Metropolitan Transit Authority president and CEO Frank Wilson?

If so, get to a computer at noon today, log onto, then click on "chat" to take part in an hour-long once-a-month online chat room.

Metro spokeswoman Raequel Roberts said in a statement Monday that Transit Chat "will give our customers an opportunity to ask Metro's top executives questions about Metro's programs and services, from the Q Card to the new light rail lines we're building."

"It will be live, but we do ask participants to exercise the same principles of politeness mandated on our blog," Roberts said. "Our guidelines: Be respectful, no name-calling, stay on topic."

Note: You can't call in to converse by voice, or send a text message by phone, or chat by e-mail.

Participants will type their messages into a window on the Metro Web bag and read the replies there.

Here's the transcript of the chat.  Seems about par for Metro's course.

UPDATE: As Matt Bramanti notes in the comments on the story, this chat is scheduled for Tuesday -- tomorrow! The story is written for tomorrow, but posted on today, not noting that the date for the chat is Tuesday. I have edited the headline and this post accordingly.

So, by all means available, head to Metro's site tomorrow and chat away with the dude. Respectfully, of course.

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