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#1 2006-08-29 21:39:56

From: Tanglewilde
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HPD's manpower shortage, leadership continue to raise concerns

KTRK-13 ran a story earlier that's become all too familiar. As Kevin Quinn reported, a Houston man was involved in a non-injury traffic accident and called 911. He suspected the other driver was intoxicated, which he reported. He and the other driver waited for a cop for two hours. Additional calls were made to 911. Finally, he gave up on an officer showing up, and informed 911 that he would file a report with a substation. The driver suspected of being intoxicated drove away.

Here is HPD's response to KTRK:

HPD says it does take drunk driving very seriously, but these 911 calls were considered a lower priority because no one was hurt in this accident and the man who was allegedly driving drunk was not causing any sort of disturbance. They say simply that other calls with higher priorities were handled first.

Police say they can only cover so much ground these days. They note again that they are short staffed by about 600 officers.

For all their talk of public safety, MayorWhiteChiefHurtt seem to deliver much more in the way of excuses.

Meanwhile, KRIV-26's Isiah Carey reproduces an email from a police officer describing his experience in the immediate aftermath of Chief Hurtt's now-suspended chase policy. We can expect more stories like this when Chief Hurtt's no-chase policy is eventually reinstated (and if Mayor White's praise of Chief Hurtt yesterday is any indicator, the policy will eventually be reinstated).

HPD is short on numbers, and the bad guys increasingly seem to perceive MayorWhiteChiefHurtt as soft on crime. That's really not a very good mix.

UPDATE: KTRH-740's Chris Baker has this to say on his page on KTRH:

I watched CH13’s report and at first I shook my head then I got mad and now I am furious.

I wonder how many arrest for drunk driving this guy has? Is it none? Is it three? We will never know because there were no cops available to arrest him. How embarrassing for a city of this size to not be able to investigate a drunk driver for two hours.

It is embarrassing.

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#2 2006-08-30 09:21:53

Partisan Hack
From: Midtown
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Re: HPD's manpower shortage, leadership continue to raise concerns

Short staffed BY 600 OFFICERS!?!?!?!  What do you think 600 officers could accomplish in ANY city, let alone a city dealing with the problems imported along with the Katrina refugees? How can we STILL not be dealing with this problem effectively!?!?! I knew Mayor White and Chief Hurtt were ignoring critical problems but I never knew things were this far out of control.


#3 2006-08-30 10:33:39

Ubu Roi
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Re: HPD's manpower shortage, leadership continue to raise concerns

And you know what happens when you're short anywhere in the process; everyone else has to make up for it, which means their own work slides, and pretty much you're snowballing out of control.  PW&E got behind the 8-ball the same way with utilities; both physical and the administration thereof.

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#4 2006-08-30 18:34:19

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Re: HPD's manpower shortage, leadership continue to raise concerns

i am afraid of when we get fully staffed or close to it.......a lot of 'special squads' will be created as we had in recent years, there is always a captain out there who is trying to make assistant chief and will create some type of hot spot unit to create a lot of arrests that look good on paper and to the chief.......we usually call these 'warm and fuzzy' squads that are intended to make the public feel good........this is how/why the original gang task force, bike patrols, park bike patrols, tactical bike patrols, DRT squads, hot spot units, etc., etc. etc. were created.......if you have a fully staffed department, then they can work with adequate supervision, but in reality all they do is take away units from patrol


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