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#1 2012-04-15 11:46:22

From: Tanglewilde
Registered: 2004-09-08
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SLOW blogging ahead for a while...

We're putting the blog in official slowdown mode for a little while.

There's nothing "bad" going on. But we've been doing the blog pretty much continuously for quite a few years now, and Anne Linehan and I are both just kind of wrapped up in other things this spring. So posting is likely to be slow, maybe even nonexistent, into summer. This will give us a chance to recharge a bit, maybe recruit some new contributors (email me if interested:  klw2005-at-gmail-dot-com), and definitely get the site moved on to WordPress for when we're ready to crank up the posting again.

In the meantime, you may see a bit of activity from me on twitter. Or who knows, you might actually see one of us having a glass of wine or taking in a ballgame or some such real-life activity (crazy, huh?!). Thanks as always to those who read and participate -- that's always made it fun!

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#2 2012-04-18 20:42:21

Ken B
Registered: 2005-05-26
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Re: SLOW blogging ahead for a while...

How much money are are private businesses making with the football stadium? Did no one think to set aside some money to demolish the Astrodome? Why IS it that, yet again, the taxpayers are being bent over?


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