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#1 2012-03-11 21:45:22

From: Tanglewilde
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KTRK: Housing Authority under scrutiny over truck, checks

The county attorney looked into all of it and decided in the letter that nothing was illegal, but said it probably wasn't the best way to handle this.


By the way, there is no sign that any policy has changed at the Housing Authority since all this happened.

Democratic County Attorney Vince Ryan seems frequently to be of the mind that "there's nothing to see here," despite anointing himself the public's watchdog and talking a good game when it comes to ethics.

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#2 2012-03-12 12:02:47

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Re: KTRK: Housing Authority under scrutiny over truck, checks

The folks in these agencies use the lawyers they hire mainly to make sure they aren't in actual violation of a statute. Without any real oversight, there's nothing to stop these unethical crooks from ripping us off. With any luck, they agency will be abolished soon. As for Ryan, I rather suspect he would have been very happy to find an actual crime, because that would make him look good at the expense of the Republicans.


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