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#1 2012-03-06 22:19:56

From: Tanglewilde
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Somebody must have forgotten the first rule of Houston Journo-List...

The E-Board Treatment - Campos Communications Blog (02/23/2012)

The Roundtable invite yesterday got me laughing.   Let me share it with you:

Your gay bar pass has been revoked!

We’re pleased to announce that Michael Berry will accompany Felicia Moon to The Roundtable tonight.  And he’ll drive in reverse all the way from Montrose.

Farrago.  7:00.

Tim Fleck is bringing his files and notes.

We thought that the first rule of Houston Journo-List (aka Roundtable) was that participants were never to talk about Houston Journo-List.

Lips have gotten awfully loose of late. Good, we say!

It would be even more interesting if someone would post a list of those pols and journos who visit the secretive weekly gathering, so news consumers would be in a better position to judge how/if it affects the city's news and political narratives.

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