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From: Tanglewilde
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KTRK: DA Lykos uses investigative resources to not-investigate Grand Jury, perceived political opponents

Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos: What investigator did is not an 'investigation' - Ted Oberg, KTRK-13 News

Only after we told [DA Pat] Lykos what we learned today, she told us she didn't order an investigation, but did order in her words "a cursory internet search... to learn if there was a political motivation behind the attacks" on her office.

No matter what she calls it, here's what we know about what was ordered.

According to sources, on Saturday, October 22, 2011 the DA's chief investigator was called while off duty. He was told by the DA's first assistant, Jim Leitner, to collect information on members of the grand jury themselves -- specifically the foreperson, Trisha Pollard, and another member who shared a last name, but no relation with DWI defense attorney Mark Theissen.


A week later, on Saturday, October 29, sources confirmed the chief investigator was called again and told to expand the scope of his examination to include the special prosecutors, the judge in the case Susan Brown, and her husband, and a potential Lykos political opponent Mike Anderson and his wife.

Sources tell us the investigator was told the orders were coming from the boss -- meaning Lykos....

So, after all that posturing in front of media yesterday about being the victim of political shenanigans, it turns out that Lykos was actively engaged in word-parsing games in an effort to obfuscate the fact that she herself had deployed DA resources in what appear to be politically motivated shenanigans. Surely there are better (even ethical!) uses of DA investigative resources than engaging in not-investigations of people the temperamental DA thinks are out to "get" her politically!

NOTHING about this affair reflects well on the Harris County District Attorney's Office led by Pat Lykos. Not one thing.

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