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#1 2012-01-14 09:45:25

From: Tanglewilde
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Danger Train draws blood on Friday the 13th

Woman gets pinned under METRORail in downtown Houston, hospitalized - Jessica Willey, KTRK-13 News

According to METRO, the woman was walking on the tracks near Polk toward the train. The driver sounded the horn, but she never moved. She was struck and pulled under. The train came to an abrupt stop.

"Everybody was just shocked, they were taken aback. Everybody was on their phones, everybody was trying to see what had happened. We couldn't get a good angle but all the police and the ambulance showed up and it was chaos," Dupre said.

The woman ended up under the cab and not the wheels. And on this scene Houston firefighters didn't use hoses, but rather airbags for the rescue.

"To help lift the train just a couple of inches, she wasn't that far under there. It required a couple of inches of life to get her up from under the train," METRO Spokesman Jerome Gray said.

Quote of the year so far from METRO's very expensive TV mouthpiece: "She wasn't that far under there."

That's reassuring.

Meanwhile, METRO continues to build additional, expensive at-grade tram lines down busy streets. Because we wouldn't want this sort of Friday the 13th fun restricted to just one short stretch in Houston!

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