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From: Tanglewilde
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Occupy Houston vignettes

Occupy protester to commissioners: Invite the 99% to Houston - Mike Morris, Houston Politics/

That was the case today as Joe Roche of the Occupy Houston movement’s Political Action Volunteer Work Group appeared to ask for “diplomacy.” He wanted the court to show a little down-home hospitality and invite Occupy protesters nationwide to balmy Harris County.

“As colder months now approach, keep in mind there are other Occupy movements in all 50 states. As elected officials, be diplomats and invite the other Occupy movements down here to Harris County,” Roche said.

Though Roche made sure to note the group’s broad concerns (“gross inequality of wealth in our society, in our country, and corporate corruption in our democracy”) his pitch to the commissioners focused on economic development...

Hey, if Mayor Annise Parker is going to allow vagrants to crowd out the taxpaying public in a park they pay for AND provide the vagrants free electricity, why the heck not? That's a pretty good deal.

Here's an amusing snippet from the Occupy Houston's first newsletter that a friend passed along:

{Occupy Houston News Nov 2011 }

Where are all those folks? They are probably out hard at work trying to create their own breaks in our city of opportunity!

Revisiting Occupy Houston - David Jennings, Big Jolly Politics

Next up was a report on finances. The person giving the report stated that the financial picture was not good – they had $22 left in their cash fund and that cash donations keep disappearing. She proposed that if someone missed three consecutive finance meetings that their access to keys for the cashbox be removed.

Petty theft is an improvement on the sort of violent crime that has occurred within other Occupy encampments, so give yourself a pat on the back Houston.

Do be sure to read all of David Jennings' post. It's compelling citizen-journalism. This political scientist was entertained by the group's unknowing embrace of John C. Calhoun's concurrent majority!

Occupy Houston movement members protest for 54th day - Ted Oberg, KTRK-13 News

Just as there is no list of demands, there is no typical protestor either -- just a shared sense of frustration that dreams are just out of reach.

In a promo for this piece, Oberg tweeted that YOU likely have more in common than you realize with the Occupy Houston vagrants; commenters on Oberg's story mostly disagreed (maybe it would have been worthwhile to talk to a least ONE person like that for the story, hmm?). What say you, blogHOUSTON readers?

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