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#1 2011-06-14 22:03:59

From: Tanglewilde
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HPOU supports anti-sanctuary-city legislation

Houston Police Union Supports 'Sanctuary Cities' Bill - David Pitman, KUHF News

The Houston Police Officers' Union is hoping the so-called "sanctuary cities" bill becomes law. The measure passed a state Senate committee yesterday. It would ban any prohibition on officers asking the immigration status of persons they detain. As David Pitman reports, the police union's position on the bill is the exact opposite of Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland.

Although some urban police chiefs (and the pols who hired them) oppose this legislation, it obviously has more support among the rank and file (not to mention politicians and voters outside of urban areas across Texas).

Houston could have used a debate long ago on the wisdom of the sanctuary directive from HPD's chief in 1992. Instead, that order may soon be nullified by legislative action.

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