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This message system is intended for polite discussion related to the posts from our bloggers.

It is not intended as a general message board, nor is it intended as a debating forum for commenters. There are plenty of other outlets for that, but here we are most interested in intelligent conversation directly related to our blog posts.

We are happy to provide this forum, but we do ask that commenters respect our contributors and other commenters. Our main rules are: (1) Please try to keep your comments related to our blog posts, and (2) Please refrain from flames, profanity, and other impolite behavior.

Those who violate our rules are subject to having their posts and/or their posting privileges removed without notice. Our moderators are the sole authority as to what constitutes improper behavior. Your application for membership and ongoing use of the forum serves as your acceptance of these guidelines.

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(11-11-2005 Addendum): We have seen instances on local blogs of single individuals using multiple aliases effectively to drive conversation in a certain manner. Such behavior will not be tolerated on this message board, and any such instances will result in ALL of the user's registered accounts being terminated without warning. The administrators of this board may also, at their discretion, publicize information that identifies the offender (email addresses and/or IP addresses).

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