KTRK: HPD Crime Lab looks for outside help to clear its case backlog

A couple of weeks ago, Mayor Bill White admitted he was concerned about a backlog at the HPD crime lab that has existed for years.

Tonight, KTRK-13's Andy Cerota reports that crime lab officials have been working hard to secure outside help to clear that embarrassing backlog:

On the heels of asking for $2 million to hire more DNA technicians to clear the backlog, the crime lab's director for the first time is reaching out to other law enforcement agencies, namely the FBI, for help.

"I'm optimistic. I'm looking at grants. I'm looking at private entities. I'm looking at the DA's office. So we're looking at different ways we can fund this project and get these rape kits completed," said Irma Rios, HPD Crime Lab Director.


"If we had the appropriate funding and support we could get that done here at a much quicker pace. I think we now have the commitment to move forward a little bit faster," said Chief Hurtt.

That doesn't make it sound like it has been much of a priority for the City of Houston to clear the backlog.

Interestingly enough, Mayor White is not quoted in the KTRK story. Perhaps he was too occupied with his campaign for a U.S. Senate seat that still hasn't been vacated to be "concerned" with the pesky, enduring local crime lab problems.

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