Gary Gaetti has been knocked out of the park

Hello, everyone. My name is Laurence Simon. And I'm full of crap.

Anyway, I wanted to make my first post about a subject that's near and dear to my heart like coronary artery disease: Gary Gaetti.

The Houston Astros have the worst batting average of any team in the National League and, two years running, close to the worst in the majors:

Well, the axe has been swung. And unlike the Astros' bats, the axe actually hits its mark (SportsTicker via Yahoo! News):

Gary Gaetti became the scapegoat for the Houston Astros' woeful offense.

The Astros relieved Gaetti of his duties as hitting coach Wednesday and named Sean Berry as his replacement.

Gaetti joined the club in July 2004 and spent the last two years trying to resurrect one of baseball's most inconsistent offenses.

Houston worked through its hitting issues last season, making it the World Series for the first time in franchise history. But the problems returned this year as the Astros currently rank last in the National League with a .256 batting average and 12th with 408 runs.

I've been calling for his head for a year now, going so far as to cheer the fact that he only got 4 votes in the last Hall Of Fame ballot.

What would make sense is having Jeff Bagwell do something for his twenty million dollar season-long ride of the wood as a batting coach or batting consultant, but at this point he's worse deadweight than the metal statue in front of the stadium.

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