24 March 2008


The blog is going on a hiatus -- maybe temporary, maybe permanent (what, you're wondering? it's not already on hiatus?)

Like the (Bad) Sports teams in town, this little blog has been erratic and inconsistent for a while -- pretty much since Ethan Glading moved to Jersey and the podcast gradually died, and efforts at a group blog... also gradually fizzled.

I think it's highly likely we'll eventually bring the sports podcast back (with a local blogger well known to bHers), but probably not till the summer, as my May is pretty much booked up, and there's no reason to start the thing for a few weeks then drop it for a month. If the podcast comes back, the blog will probably become an adjunct to it again. We'll see.

Anyway, thanks for reading! There's still the front page, and there will likely be some sports rambling on my personal blog from time to time. And there are some really good local sports blogs these days that are better than this one anyway.

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14 March 2008

Willis Wilson axed at Rice

Rice canned hoops coach Willis Wilson today.

While the move was not unexpected (since the AD has been hinting at it pretty much all season), it was unfortunate, given the difficulties Wilson faced this year and the competitive teams he put together for many years despite that toilet of an arena known as Autry.

The guy probably deserved at least one year at the refurbished Autry.

The Rice people who whined about loyalty when Todd Graham bolted for Tulsa are harder to take seriously tonight.

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16 February 2008

Was this supposed to be tongue-in-cheek?

The Chronicle's Richard Justice post about the 'Stros' physically intimidating new closer today:

If you're looking for someone to rip the new closer, you've come to the wrong place. I got my first look at Jose Valverde this morning, and I've decided to do everything I can to stay on his good side. He's 6-4, 254 pounds. He throws the ball 150 mph. He's an emotional sort.

I plan on being his friend. I'm going to be just like the TV guys, especially that one that's always blogging about all his scoops. When Valverde enters a room, I'm going to run over there with a big smile and a handshake. When he says something that's even a little bit funny, I'm going to laugh so loud you'd think he was Larry The Cable Guy.

It'll be just like Justice's past coverage of Charley Casserly!

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15 February 2008

Homonyms are confusing

The editing of the Chronicle sports section (or lack thereof) provides many Bad Sports moments, such as this headline today:

With pitchers and catchers arriving, Astros season is eminent

Given the team's lack of pitching, we don't think the season will stand out in any positive way.

But the start of the season is approaching quickly (it is indeed imminent).

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08 February 2008

'Tis the (off)season for cheerleading

With that fine Super Bowl now history, another NFL season is officially done.

That means we can soon look forward to lots of free-agent and draft analysis.

But first, we can expect the usual offseason Texans cheerleading from the Chronicle.

Up first, Richard Justice:

The Texans played their last game 40 days ago, and with some time to reflect, I've come to some conclusions. First, Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith are the right men for the job.

Hmm, who didn't see THAT coming?

Look for the Texans cheerleading to get more energetic as the coming season approaches. It's the Chron way.

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