12 July 2010


THE BLOG will be on hiatus for a short time due to a personal matter.

Please feel free to discuss any newsworthy items in the forum!

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/12/10 09:15 AM |

08 July 2010

A couple of asides, in case you missed 'em...

THE CHRONICLE reports* that former Mayor Bill White's prized SAFEclear program just cost the city about $4.2 million. To quote Cory Crow, that would be the same "program that was touted as being revenue neutral by Houston's former 'business savvy' Mayor who's now promising to take that same level of fiscal prowess to Austin." Don't expect the mainstream Texas political press or PolitiFarce to delve too deeply into such matters, though.

Also, Ubu Roi elaborates on the city's water-rate increases.

* Is that the proper way to describe a tiny blurb tucked away in a sidebar? We're not sure.

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/08/10 09:15 AM |

07 July 2010

News roundup, 07/07/2010 edition

HERE'S A QUICK ROUNDUP of news tidbits that caught my eye after the too-short vacation.

What did we miss?

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/07/10 10:02 PM |

02 July 2010

Blog Vacation

THE BLOG is going on a long-weekend vacation to celebrate Independence Day.

But, if any local news worthy of discussion pops up (CM Johnson's arrest, CM Clutterbuck calling out CM Bradford on crime lab issues, etc), feel free to start a discussion in the open-comments forum, or in this thread.

And Happy Fourth everyone!

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/02/10 02:21 PM |

01 July 2010

Culture Map: Chron quietly lays off staff

CULTURE MAP'S CLIFFORD PUGH wonders why nobody had much to say about recent Chronicle layoffs, especially given the Village Voice corporate weekly's posts about the last big bloodletting on 801 Texas Avenue.

Several reasons come to mind. First, there weren't as many people involved in these layoffs, and the Chron seems to have kept a tighter lid on things this time. Second, as local media criticism goes, the local Village Voice corporate weekly seems much more focused on amateurish Chron-blogging (pot/kettle?) and KTRH beats. So who's left to say much? Culture Map, we guess.

Hat tip to local media news watcher Mike McGuff for the Culture Map link!

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/01/10 12:31 PM |

Harris County Almanac: A great sucking increase...

CORY CROW takes a closer look at recent growth numbers for Harris County, and finds things not as rosy as they seem on the surface.

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/01/10 10:01 AM |

Councilmember Johnson breaks through storm coverage

Councilmember Jarvis Johnson has done his part to rescue us from the extensive news coverage of the hurricane that is not very close to Houston.

According to TV news reports (KTRK-13, KHOU-11, KPRC-2), Councilmember Johnson was arrested overnight on felony charges of evading arrest after allegedly refusing to stop for a traffic stop. KHOU-11's report says that when he eventually stopped a few blocks later, he tried to run away (UPDATE: KHOU has now removed that from their report, without explanation, Chron-style). KTRK-13 reports that police officials say the councilmember did not appear to be intoxicated.

We look forward to hearing the councilmember's side of the story (much more so than seeing another poor reporter standing in the rain saying "it's raining").

Posted by Kevin Whited @ 07/01/10 06:28 AM |


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