Chron columnist wants vasectomies for 12-year-old boys

Today, the Chronicle's sanctimonious Rick Casey has a particularly nasty and compassionless column about Calvin Murphy:

Now I should feel sympathy for Murphy, that his reputation is forever tarnished by the worst sort of false accusations.



A few months back, Casey seemed to have an abundance of compassion -- for a death-row killer:

Marcus doesn't argue that his client, James Allridge, didn't get a fair trial, nor that he is insane or mentally retarded.

He argues simply that he's rehabilitated. He's not the same young man who in 1985, under the influence of his violent older brother, wantonly shot and killed a convenience store clerk who was tied up in a back room.

The nasty part of today's column is this astounding idea of Casey's:

Murphy's almost biblical story reminds me of a brainstorm inspired by a billboard I saw on a rural stretch of Interstate 10.

It advertised vasectomy reversals.

The idea: Every boy at the age of 12 gets a tax-paid vasectomy.

When he has the desire and the means to pay for his own reversal, he is ready to become a father.

Imagine a society with sharply decreased unintentional fatherhood.

But don't write me your objections. Any idea that would be opposed by the Baptists, the Catholics and the ACLU doesn't have a chance.

That is stunning. Jaw-dropping, in fact. What kind of a depraved mind thinks government-mandated vasectomies for 12-year olds is a great idea? Perhaps Casey would be happier living in China, where government population controls -- with forced abortions and sterilizations -- have been wildly successful.

Chris Baker has been talking about Calvin Murphy for the past couple of days, in an interesting and engaging way. Which is ironic because last March Casey wrote a column dismissive of local talk radio:

Talk radio is an echo chamber. If you listen to these guys and their callers, you know that no school bond will ever pass and that radical liberal Bill White won't make the runoff in the mayor's race.

Yes, the number one afternoon talk radio guy is doing a much better job of discussing the good and the bad of Calvin Murphy's situation than the Chronicle's talk-radio-bashing Metro columnist. And, I would speculate that more people listen to Chris Baker than actually read Rick Casey.

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